The Versatile Platform Chemical for a Range of Industries

Biosuccinium® Sustainable Succinic Acid

Improve the environmental footprint of your products with industry-leading bio-succinic acid

Succinic acid is a chemical used directly in a variety of industry applications and as an intermediate for the production of several polymers and resins. Traditionally, it could only be produced from crude oil and natural gas – Biosuccinium® offers a renewable alternative. Reverdia’s bio-succinic acid is produced via a patented fermentation process from sustainable biomass.

In addition to being a drop-in for petro-based succinic acid, it can also replace petro-based adipic acid. Compared to traditional di-acids, Biosuccinium®’s environmental footprint is much improved, which helps chemicals along the value chain meet your sustainability requirements.

Find Out How Biosuccinium® Can Meet Your Needs

Commercial quantities and samples are available


A Specialty Grade Bio-succinic Acid

Biosuccinium® S is a speciality grade bio-succinic acid certified by ECOCERT as 100% natural. It is designed for industries which require high purity, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.