Revitalise Cosmetic Products with Biosuccinium® S

Applications in Health & Beauty

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly interested and aware of 100% natural personal care products. These products are formulated with natural active ingredients and preservation systems to bring excellent care for skin and hair while using the best that nature has to offer.

Biosuccinium® S is Reverdia’s speciality, high quality, grade of bio-succinic acid. As an active ingredient, it is used directly in personal care applications and can also be used in intermediate form to enable high-quality natural formulations. Its derivatives are used as emollients or fragrance carriers, imparting additional pleasant, mild sweet notes. Biosuccinium® S is certified by ECOCERT as 100% natural and holds Kosher and Halal certification.

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Skin Care

Bio-succinic acid has exfoliation properties, and has shown the potential to combat acne and reduce surface skin flakiness more effectively than traditional acids. It is known to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles. Emollients based on Biosuccinium® S are suitable as quick-dry alternatives to silicone fluids.

Hair Care

Biosuccinium® S is a direct ingredient for shampoos and can also be used to formulate esters for hair care and hair colouring products.

Bubbling Agent

As an effective effervescent for bath salts and other products, Biosuccinium® S meets the most recent requirements for natural cosmetic raw materials.