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Biosuccinium® Helps Coatings Manufacturers Meet Sustainability Demands

Applications in Coatings


Government regulations and industry initiatives are driving the creation of more sustainable paints and coatings, thereby reducing levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As a bio-based building block, Biosuccinium® offers applications for both solvents and polymers for coatings.

Biosuccinium® is a near drop-in for adipic acid and phthalic anhydride in coating resins. In many cases, it has been shown that coatings based on bio-succinic acid offer property benefits over current formulations. By using solvents or coalescing agents based on bio-succinic acid, VOC levels can be reduced while performance is maintained or even improved. Dimethyl succinate, a chemical derivative of succinic acid, is one such solvent and can also be used as a raw material for certain pigments.

In this way, bio-succinic acid can help address customer demand for high performance coatings while promoting sustainable bio-based materials. The platform chemical can increase the bio-based content of resins, such as polyesters, alkyds, urethanes and UV-curable coatings. Bio-succinic acid can also unlock performance benefits.

Improve Environmental Footprint with Biosuccinium® in Coatings

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