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Biosuccinium® is the Frontrunner with its Winning Footprint

Applications in Footwear

New Skarvan trekking shoes launched by VAUDE (Photo by VAUDE)

Biosuccinium®-based biomaterials can unlock truly sustainable footwear products. For instance, bio-based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is ideal for toe caps and heel counters in boots and shoes.

Using Biosuccinium® results in a CO2 footprint reduction of approximately 2.4 kg CO2e/ kg TPU, compared to conventional TPU based on adipic acid. Beyond this, Biosuccinium® offers comprehensive solutions for sustainable footwear products. Biosuccinium®-derived polyols boost polyurethanes’ (PU) share of bio-based content and reduces their carbon footprint. Innovative Biosuccinium®-based polyurethanes can include artificial leather and a range of parts for the footwear industry, such as shoe soles for casual shoes and sole plates for football boots.

Consumers can already find high-performance footwear containing Reverdia’s bio-succinic acid on store shelves.

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