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Biosuccinium® Opens Up a Range of Sustainable Packaging Opportunities

Applications in Packaging


Reverdia has worked with a broad range of value chain partners and co-producers to enable tomorrow’s packaging materials. Polybutylene succinate (PBS) derived from Biosuccinium® can be used in food packaging, container, caps and closures. It is also used to produce coffee or tea cups, bowls, plates, food trays and agricultural mulch films.

Bio-succinic acid from Reverdia has a best-in-class environmental footprint and demonstrates many opportunities for biodegradable packaging applications.

Biosuccinium® also holds promise for durable bio-based PBS, which can be used in compounds for reusable horticultural crates and rigid food packaging with hinges. The final compounds have improved carbon footprints in comparison to polypropylene which is typically used for these applications.


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