Enhance The Value of Your Supply Chain Using Biosuccinium®

Applications in Industry

Ecological impact is not only important for consumer goods. Sustainable development is also a growing concern within industry throughout the supply chain. Modern renewable chemicals can help manufacturers to meet industrial demands for performance and sustainability.

Succinic acid is increasingly used as an ingredient in modern formulations and offers innovative applications across industrial sectors. As a 100% bio-based building block, Biosuccinium® brings renewable content and performance benefits to a range of chemicals.

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Automotive Coolants

Succinic acid is increasingly used as a functional component in modern automotive engine coolant and antifreeze formulations. In combination with other organic acids, Biosuccinium® provides vehicles with improved corrosion protection and longer service life to modern engine cooling systems.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Biosuccinium® can be used as a functional component of corrosion inhibitor packages which are formulated into various functional fluids, such as HVACs (Heating and Air Conditioning) and metalworking fluids.

Solvents and Agents

The coating industry has a strong desire to reduce VOC levels. Biosuccinium®-based solvents and (non-VOC) coalescing agents have proven to be effective in terms of performance and bio-based content.


Succinicate salts can be used for de-icing of roads and runways. They are a less corrosive bio-based alternative to commonly-used acetate and formate salts.

Metal Plating

Bio-succinic acid can be used as an auxiliary in combination with other acids such as malic, lactic and acetic acids.