Open Up a Range of Sustainable Packaging Opportunities with Biosuccinium®

Applications in Packaging

Environmentally-friendly packaging is not just about recycling. The production process and raw materials can also boost the sustainability of packaging. Bio-based plastics enable the development of greener packaging solutions with enhanced performance. Depending on the polymer, packaging can be durable for re-use (e.g. crates) or compostable for single-use packaging applications (e.g. films).

Polybutylene succinate (PBS) is a biodegradable material which can be derived from Biosuccinium®. Its derivatives have applications in packaging, containers, caps and closures. Reverdia works with value chain partners to facilitate these innovative materials.


Coffee Capsules

Single-serve coffee capsules represent a fast growing market. The high fraction of water and coffee grounds make them difficult to incinerate or recycle. Capsules based on PBS combine compostability with the required heat resistance.

Shopping Bags

Single-use shopping bags are being phased out in many regions. Compostable plastic bags based on bio-based PBS copolyesters can help meet regulations such as France and Italy’s ban on disposable bags.


Multilayer films and laminates are popular materials for pouches. PBS spouts & zippers, and PBSA seal layers enable compostable laminates, preventing them from ending up in landfill or incineration.

Food Trays

Compostable food trays made from bio-based PBS offer an alternative and viable waste disposal route. When contaminated trays are unsuitable for recycling, biodegradable solutions can have a lower environmental impact.