Become a Frontrunner in Sustainable Sportswear with Biosuccinium®

Applications in Sports & Leisure

Recreational activities fulfil an important role for health and well-being. Whether sports gear is used daily or weekly, inside or outdoors, quality materials are relied on for performance.

Biosuccinium®-based biomaterials are already used to unlock high-performance apparel that has a reduced environmental impact. Innovative bio-based polyurethanes can include artificial leather and a range of parts for the footwear industry, such as shoe soles for casual shoes and sole plates for football boots.

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Running Shoes

Modern running shoes rely on polyurethane soles for stability, grip and excellent abrasion resistance. Bio-based polyurethanes offer a reduced carbon footprint, without any sacrifice in performance.

Trekking Shoes

Hiking boots need to tackle rocks, roots, mud and all kinds of trail obstacles. Biosuccinium®-based polyurethanes are perfectly suited for robust soles, heel caps, toe caps and other embellishments.


TPU or PU membranes offer comfort characteristics for apparel such as outdoor jackets, protective clothing and gloves. Being wind-resistant and waterproof yet breathable, sports textiles are often laminated using polyurethane reactive hot melts.